What is Kavunka?

Kavunka is the smart search engine with advanced ranking algorithms and powerful web scraper with the ability to extract data from JavaScript websites and websites requiring a session. You can launch Kavunka on your server, virtual machine or docker container and use for enterprise search and/or data mining, create search-related services, extracte data from search results. Built-in features allow you to parse Internet sites and create a more informative SERP than other search engines. For a user request, the search engine can provide not only textual information in the form of a snippet, but also a picture, rating, price, product characteristics etc.
System Requirements:
OS: Debian 11, Ubuntu 22.04
(for Windows & MacOS use Docker)
CPU: 2.0 GHz

Technologies are not used: Apache Solr, Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch, Sphinx, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Xapian, DataparkSearch, Tika, fastText, etc. Only unique technologies have been developed by C.

The search engine Kavunka crawls any website in several streams and scrapes data from web pages. Kavunka is trained to recognize the language of webpages. Currently available: en, it, fr, pt, es, pl, uk, ru. Kavunka is able to correct errors in user search query and get back search hits that match the query. Search robots can bypass site protection using proxy and random user agents.

How can this be used?

1. You can use Kavunka software to create a powerful search engine and/or to provide search services for sites. Just add the site to the task and the crawlers will start indexing the site. Next, install a simple form on the site that needs to be searched.
2. You can also use software for scraping a large number of web pages. Kavunka can use go-rod. Crawling by Chrome allows you to receive data from JavaScript Websites. After crawling the site, you can receive a scraping report in any format: json, csv, xml.
3. This technology will be useful to owners of Internet sites to attract additional traffic. You can make a manual selection of sites and add sites of a particular subject, for example: games, cars, real estate, medicine, etcetera to Kavunka search. Also, you can configure the parser and extract the information, you are interested in, from the donor sites, for example, price, user ratings, reviews. After that, you can customize search in such a way that this information will be provided in a convenient form, it makes the SERP more interesting and informative for your users. As a result of using Kavunka, you will have a super service on your site, which will be like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo in functionality. This will increase the credibility of your Internet resource in the eyes of users and give them the opportunity to search the Internetwithout leaving your site.


Website Subject of sites Language Hard Internal search on the site EN VPS Search engine demonstrating the capabilities of the Kavunka engine EN Intel Xeon 8-core, 64GB RAM The Kavunka search engine have used inside the Taxo Tool software for banks DE AMD 16-core, 32GB RAM


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