Web Scraping

Web scraping (DATA mining) is a technology for obtaining data by extracting it from the pages of Internet sites. Data retrieval methods can range from simple Python-based methods to complex ones using JavaScript rendering and programs written in more powerful programming languages. Here you will find efficient and fast solutions for your business. A non-standard approach will allow you to receive data from any site in any quantity.

KAVUNKA software, that allows to make scraping enormous websites (up to 1 000 000 000 and more pages):
  • Web scraping from websites
  • XPath and Regex support for data extraction
  • Product Data Scraping from e-commerce sites
  • Data conversion to XML, JSON, SQL, CSV, XLS
  • Scraping Product Information
  • Scraping Business Information
  • Data of real estates sites
  • Built-in full text search
  • Ease of use without programming or scripting

Data extraction service pricing

Package Free Standard Premium Ultimate
Rows in Result File 100 5 000 20 000 ultimate
Websites 1 1 2 ultimate
Revisions 1 2 3 -
Delivery Time 1-2 days 2-3 days 2-5 days Online
Web Search No No No Yes
Server Ours Ours Ours Your
Price free $29 $99 $19/mo

You can order web scraping of any site for this you need to add a task. We will scrape for you the first 100 pages for free and send them to you by mail. If you are satisfied with the result of our work, you will receive all the data after payment.
Are you interested in scraping on a large scale or do you want to do this on your equipment? We can configure our software for your projects, make changes to the program code, install it on your server. For more information, please contact support.

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